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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
suggestive151806 artist:meiyeezhu332 copper top418 lemon hearts2276 rarity188481 human173927 angry28756 anime5853 ass53031 assisted exposure1846 bandeau982 belly button83697 belt6202 big breasts89186 blue underwear2487 blushing210268 boots23671 bra16895 breasts297390 building2692 busty copper top18 busty lemon hearts18 busty rarity13757 butt94212 catfight197 clothes489444 clothes removed57 cloud32972 cloudy6187 comic113633 coughing256 crying45718 disproportionate retribution195 docks26 dress47145 embarrassed11984 embarrassed nude exposure2390 embarrassed underwear exposure865 eyeshadow17517 feather6484 female1435494 fight6373 flat tire14 frilly underwear4522 gun16662 gun holster24 hair bun3628 hairpin2374 half naked53 hat93476 high heels12306 hilarious128 horned humanization7000 huge breasts41597 humanized103253 humiliation2265 jewelry72191 knee pads401 law enforcement11 levitation12918 lingerie11105 magic77320 magic abuse599 makeup24097 manehattan1073 mascara672 necklace21659 nudity392247 old master q502 oops532 outdoors12393 panties52317 pants15872 parody15949 pearl necklace1530 police1239 police officer776 purple underwear2219 reference4098 revenge875 running makeup2217 sad25651 sexy31702 shoes40337 skirt42160 skyscraper289 soaked134 strapless1819 strapless bra93 stripping605 sunglasses15484 telekinesis29609 thong6355 throwing549 traditional art122377 underboob4134 underwear63746 undressing5438 upset1255 vengeance37 water14701 weapon32200 wedgie1546 wet8604 wet hair814 whoops111 wristband3970


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Son of the Young Master
Yeeahh, I guess I may had loss consistency on head size in the later panels and I was trying to amp up the sexiness of the story, yet try to downplay the exaggeration and maintain a level of reality
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Oh, public undressing. I like this!
I’m not so keen on the exaggerated upper body. Also, they are so large it’s hard to tell that the hat is removed.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

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Inspector Azri:Girl you should arrest both of then not trowing them into a lake and you down promoted in a month due to bad sport.