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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:
suggestive139719 artist:meiyeezhu349 copper top390 lemon hearts2145 rarity179328 human151875 angry26567 anime5276 ass47916 assisted exposure1768 bandeau947 belly button75682 belt5293 big breasts79631 blue underwear2423 blushing192949 boots21221 bra15499 breasts270224 building2412 busty copper top18 busty lemon hearts18 busty rarity12442 butt53850 catfight187 clothes449608 cloud29930 cloudy6056 comic107247 coughing234 crying42682 disproportionate retribution195 docks25 dress43549 embarrassed11124 embarrassed nude exposure2246 embarrassed underwear exposure823 eyeshadow15088 feather5739 female1338250 fight6055 flat tire13 frilly underwear4432 gun15694 gun holster21 hair bun3246 hairpin1592 half naked46 hat84539 high heels10808 hilarious125 horned humanization6658 huge breasts37308 humanized98833 humiliation2107 jewelry60988 knee pads366 law enforcement10 levitation11840 lingerie10293 magic71852 magic abuse567 makeup20713 manehattan1006 mascara630 necklace18061 nudity362044 old master q508 oops485 outdoors9906 panties49344 pants14065 parody15545 pearl necklace1193 police1154 police officer716 purple underwear2128 reference3743 revenge833 running makeup2073 sad24172 sexy28501 shoes35202 skirt38884 skyscraper253 soaked126 strapless1427 strapless bra75 stripping576 sunglasses14050 telekinesis27099 thong5943 throwing506 traditional art116060 underboob3840 underwear59672 undressing5092 upset1203 vengeance35 water12772 weapon29848 wedgie1497 wet7854 wet hair731 whoops109 wristband3506


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Artist -

^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Yeeahh, I guess I may had loss consistency on head size in the later panels and I was trying to amp up the sexiness of the story, yet try to downplay the exaggeration and maintain a level of reality
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Oh, public undressing. I like this!

I'm not so keen on the exaggerated upper body. Also, they are so large it's hard to tell that the hat is removed.
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Chase on Gorillaz
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