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Celestia was talking to Twilight about something’s that need to be changed around in Ponyville. Twilight was writing all of this now but then she sees a note from one of her coltfriend, Comet Tail. She been hangout with him for a couple of days now but the note was a love note. It said

Comet Tail: * written on the paper* My dear Twilight, we been hangout for a couple of days as being friends but l think we should see each other as a different way. What do you think of a date with me, Signed Comet Tail.

Twilight was so shock to read this but she couldn’t help but blush up and get Celestia’s attention from it

Celestia: Twilight???? Are you even listening?

Twilight: Oh!!! Sry Princess Celestia, um l got distracted for a moment. Please continue

Celestia: As l was saying the Ponyville is becoming a disaster and blah blah blah blah

Twilight was writing notes this time but couldn’t stop thinking what she just read. But, it was true that Twilight was staring to have feelings about Comet Tail and was happy that they he wants to become more than friends
As you can see I’m trying to change the design of my ponies. Still working on it but hope l can figure it out lol

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