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suggestive143209 artist:maarthul298 fluttershy212875 pinkie pie216397 earth pony249511 pegasus292567 anthro260625 fake it 'til you make it1083 balloonbutt4129 big breasts82226 breasts278150 busty fluttershy17262 clothes460339 dress44609 ear piercing26392 earring21202 eyeshadow15651 female1365033 fluttergoth801 goth2151 gothicc155 huge breasts38361 jewelry63890 lipstick11158 looking back57540 makeup21522 piercing41249 pinkamena diane pie19123 punkamena172 punkie pie134 the ass was fat13847


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I'm writing a story inspired by this picture. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sNCtqxg6FOLrpt_mPaGtxiGdryD2GGUnEfMJGafuic0/edit
Warning, will include lewd content.
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@Andy's Life
Bubble Butt here is codename for big booty Derpy, which auto adds her as a tag. Someone got confused, added it, then removed it.