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Name: Jazz Dancer
Specie: Pony
Birth date: 14/03/1997
Gender: Female transgender
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Parents: Apple Bloom and Tender Taps, uncle Maccintosh, aunt Applejack, Great-Grandmother Smith
Abilities: She’s a great dancer, skill inherited from her father.
Fav quote: Just be yourself…
Other facts:
-Dance style: Jazz
-Her name is inspired in the Jazz Apple

1) Training
Tender Taps: And one, two, three and four. Again. One, two, three and four…
 The pony watched his son moving across the room in the correct rhythm, but the little colt’s face hadn’t  expressions.
Tender Taps: C’mon my little dancer, leave your emotions flow out… Let your movement more… gentle…
Jazz Dancer: S-sorry dad… Was not my intention…
 The colt stop dancing and look to his father.
Tender Taps: You seem to be stressed with something. You want to talk with me?
Jazz Dancer: No dad… I’m just… tired… nothing more. Let’s try again?
Tender Taps: That’s all for today, just rest my boy.
Tender lifted his hoof and mess the colt’s hair, making him laugh.

2) What happened?
 Apple Bloom returned of the farm and found the colt crying on bed.
Apple Bloom: What happened my tiny apple?
 Jazz frightened  and dried up the tears that continued to fall of his eyes.
Jazz: N-nothing mom…
Apple Bloom: Oh gosh Jazz your eye is bruised!
Jazz: I-I just fell on the floor mom, I-I’m fine…
But he still crying, Apple Bloom hugged his son and snuggled him in her arms.
Apple Bloom: Please my boy tell me what happened.
Jazz: I-I’m fine…
He repeats so low that his voice becomes a whisper…
Tender: I’m back! You don’t will believe but I finally meet the Octavia daught… Hey… what’s the problem?
Tender Taps enters the house and sees the scene.
Apple Bloom: I don’t know, he don’t tell me…
Tender Taps: Hey hey big boy… what bothers you?
Jazz: N-nothing… It’s ok…
"Little girl""Hi sweetheart""Get out queer""Follow your path your filly"The insults echoed in the poor boy’s head and he was so scared to tell…

3) Acceptance
Jazz is currently 20 years old, is now treated by pronouns she/her, is a very talented dancer and luckily her family and friends accepted her as a girl… but she still remains insecure and shy.
safe (1428026)artist:mistyline (4)apple bloom (43573)tender taps (608)oc (524675)oc:jazz dancer (1)earth pony (147933)pony (697189)ballet slippers (217)bow (19340)clothes (355331)comforting (1008)crying (35732)cutie mark (33878)dancing (6840)eyes closed (67896)female (759129)filly (50430)gradient background (8986)hair bow (10351)hair tie (544)male (257693)mare (334694)next generation (5371)offspring (28739)older (18406)older apple bloom (1103)older tender taps (27)open mouth (104058)parent:apple bloom (547)parents:tenderbloom (142)parent:tender taps (152)ponytail (13148)shipping (164316)stallion (72886)straight (109396)tenderbloom (200)transgender (1107)trans girl (460)trio (5979)


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