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Stargazing with the Goddess of the Night… Getting to listen to amazing stories about bygone eras, learn even more about the stars and planets… and getting her flirt on.
safe1975047 artist:silfoe1569 princess luna109373 twilight sparkle333365 alicorn275107 pony1327388 unicorn448077 nomad au37 black and white15452 blanket6647 blushing239322 comic124082 couple6866 description is relevant996 duo118787 female1606545 flirting2076 floppy ears64664 grayscale44083 lesbian108695 mare620012 monochrome163868 open mouth198408 raised hoof60025 royal multiverse36 shipping230177 simple background503474 sitting78917 sketch73026 stargazing403 story included11369 talking8614 tan background492 twiluna1631 underhoof61888 unicorn twilight26404 unshorn fetlocks36541


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