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Full Service Playing Cards Series 1 Double E:  
<Click Here To Pre-Order or Help Crowdfund the Production!>
(Note: Yes, these are physical playing cards, and can be mixed and matched with cards from Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and eventually Series 4, because they all have the same back image. :D)
(Note 2: Series 1 Double E is an ‘Enhanced Edition’ of Series 1, a complete redrawing of 52 original cards from the original set and two brand new ones!)
Of course Cheerilee knows about Big Macintosh’s new girlfriend.
That doesn’t mean she’s stopped liking her apples big, firm, sweaty, absolutely dripping with flavorful juices and covered in her lipstick.
And of course she still likes her candy green apple flavored. Nothing satisfies her quite like lathering her tongue all over a nice big hard jawbreaker of a lollipop and getting it nice and dripping with her slobber.

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suggestive148550 artist:lil miss jay2524 cheerilee10157 earth pony267293 anthro270115 unguligrade anthro50333 full service playing cards291 apple16797 belly button81529 big breasts86288 blushing205117 blushing profusely2131 breasts289348 busty cheerilee746 candy7108 chalkboard2945 cleavage35710 clothes476996 curvy6945 dazed137 drool25770 drool string5879 ear fluff31327 erect nipples11480 eyes on the prize5578 eyes rolling back2450 female1404724 fetish41744 floppy ears54713 food73158 foodplay1716 licking20900 lipstick11680 lollipop2520 looking at you176170 looking pleasured958 nipple outline7893 nipples175819 nudity383141 open mouth155094 panting3015 pinup3204 raised skirt25 school desk58 school uniform7455 schoolgirl1913 sitting65713 solo1096485 solo female183922 strategically covered2996 sweat27732 sweatdrop3417 table9538 tongue out108542 underass2622 uniform11190 uniform fetish39


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