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suggestive148270 artist:baron engel2075 starlight glimmer49761 trixie68703 anthro269335 breasts288431 bunny ears3715 bunny suit2559 cape10718 clothes475463 dialogue67904 female1400826 grayscale39218 hat90191 implied lesbian3562 implied shipping5189 implied startrix162 leotard4711 milestone867 monochrome152275 pencil drawing8359 simple background408738 sketch64513 speech bubble24393 top hat4314 traditional art120170 trixie's cape3929 trixie's hat4752 white background102391


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"Because Trixie likes grabbing you more… plus the only rabbit available is a total jerk."
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Starlight shouldn't have put Trixie in charge of providing the entertainment for Sunburst's birthday party. Trixie ships it, hard.