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I’m okay with her feeling like this was the only way, since no one else was going to improve the situation (at least from her point of view). Twi’s made horrendous mistakes in the past due to her own lack of foresight. It’s her attitude on the beach afterward, however, that stinks.
I agree with Joshscorcher on this: her yelling at her friends was not okay. It only serviced the plot and got Twi alone to be captured. Hence why I now officially can’t stand the “plot-mandated friendship failure” trope; if handled extremely poorly like it was, here, it comes off as bad storytelling at best, and outright character assassination at worst. And this…was worst.
That particular scene almost killed my respect for Twilight Sparkle. She could have owned up and said “sorry team, I failed; let’s try again” and I would have perfectly accepted that she’s not perfect. But instead, she didn’t accept her faults until it was too little, too late. She may be right about her “friends” being more of a hindrance, and everything got better in the end, but that was no excuse for the things she said…