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So I really liked Joe's art of the beach ponies, I currently have the Trixie one as my phone's wallpaper, but I thought it would be nice to have a pc wallpaper, so I made one. I think it came out pretty decent.
suggestive143264 artist:ponut_joe406 artist:ponut_joe edit89 edit132773 editor:princecadance1 octavia melody23787 sci-twi24331 sunset shimmer63138 trixie67570 twilight sparkle300663 human154886 equestria girls200840 equestria girls series33088 forgotten friendship5375 x marks the spot218 abstract background14740 adonis belt147 arm behind head6365 armpits42970 aside glance479 attached skirt154 beach babe680 beautiful5587 bedroom eyes59485 belly button78082 bellyring1426 bikini18167 bikini babe708 bikini bottom1038 bikini top1758 black swimsuit230 blue swimsuit349 bow swimsuit73 bracelet9448 breasts278260 busty sunset shimmer5446 busty trixie4077 clothes460547 cutie mark swimsuit151 dark skin4589 eyebrow piercing876 eyelashes10704 eyeshadow15655 female1365525 freckles28945 frilled swimsuit266 glasses62046 grin38650 happy31283 high res29731 human coloration5206 humanized100160 jeweled swimsuit101 jewelry63938 lidded eyes30788 long hair4239 looking at you169084 makeup21535 midriff19354 moderate dark skin745 mouth hold17525 multicolored hair5593 one-piece swimsuit4445 piercing41273 ponytail17945 purple swimsuit261 red hair910 sarong1032 see-through5148 see-through skirt126 sexy29511 side-tie bikini417 sideboob10396 skirt39845 skirt lift4738 smiling249223 star printed swimsuit13 string bikini726 summer sunset225 swimsuit28327 tattoo5566 thigh gap666 tricolor swimsuit117 underboob3926 wallpaper18635 wallpaper edit3195 wallpaper for the fearless1755 watch1417 wrap skirt30 wristwatch537 yellow hair298


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Background Pony #86F0
Maybe the actual state of their manes was caused by previous vigorous movements. You know, Twilight turning her head, and both Sunset and Tavi doing some shampoo advert poses.
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
@Background Pony #B44E


@Background Pony #B44E

Notice how:
Tavi's hair is blowing strongly to the left;
Twiley's hair is blowing slightly less to the left;
Trixie's hair isn't being blown at all;
Sunny's hair is being blown to the right.

Follow the lines; they converge, like lines of perspective, at a vanishing point in the background.

My theory would be that the wind is blowing from our POV, past the girls and into the background.

QED. :)
Background Pony #0DBA
Pretty awesome mixup of Joe's pics

Except for the minor issue that the wind seems to be blowing in two different directions (see Sunset's hair and sarong vs Octavia's and Twi's)
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Me: Oh hello there Trixie, how are you today? :) =wonders if she'll forget she's holding the bikini bra-straps in her mouth and answer= xD

They are all quite beautiful, but I'm most especially drawn to Twiley and to Sunny-sun. Humina humina. :D