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Part of a DA request for YangIsCool
Here are colored versions of the >>1672037 rough sketch of Trixie as Princess Starlight Glimmer’s sex pet on a leash

Blue and black versions because the black was what I had in mind when I first thought of this, the blue is from when I started coloring it and like it better. It’s up to Yang which one gets used the final piece.
(update) He choose blue.
suggestive161992 alternate version60829 artist:supra80484 trixie72437 anthro295513 unguligrade anthro55073 ankle chain166 ankle cuffs770 arm behind back7127 armbinder498 ballgag7886 bdsm8285 bodysuit2607 bondage38239 boots26304 breasts318893 clothes524597 collar38389 corset4868 cuffs5214 female1516153 femsub12305 gag16447 gimp suit325 hood1584 horn ring6375 implied lesbian3926 implied shipping5759 implied startrix165 kneeling10272 latex14287 latex stockings484 latex suit4574 leash8822 magic suppression4347 pet play4336 ponytail21169 posture collar197 shoes45314 submissive20243 tail wrap7250 the weak and powerless trixie431 thigh boots1783 thigh highs43897 zipper921


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