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safe1616739 artist:outofworkderpy209 bon bon15680 derpy hooves48658 ditzy doo454 lyra heartstrings28430 sweetie drops15681 twilight sparkle288438 earth pony216365 pegasus257672 pony884545 slime monster70 unicorn285686 comic:dungeons & derpys3 comic:out of work derpy58 armor22341 bard248 comic103392 dice462 dungeon master54 dungeons and dragons1203 facehoof1682 fantasy class1430 female1286960 funny3904 funny as hell476 gelatinous cube19 ice1144 knight954 lol636 mare439867 outofworkderpy142 paladin222 shield2049 skull2822 tumblr34698 tumblr comic1046 warrior1261 weapon28458


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