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Uploaded by Background Pony #795E
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suggestive148349 artist:flicker-show339 spike80533 twilight sparkle306304 alicorn233065 anthro269750 plantigrade anthro34662 armpits43406 barefoot28549 blushing204828 breasts288915 busty twilight sparkle12466 chair7106 clothes476371 comic111533 crotch bulge4532 cup6503 curvy6937 dialogue68088 erect nipples11456 erection15572 exclamation point3972 feet41618 female1402870 hourglass figure1598 just fuck already2 male388386 mare502690 messy mane7929 monochrome152325 newspaper1718 nipple outline7876 older27837 older spike5515 panties51497 penis159256 shipping205794 straight140427 table9522 talking penis20 tanktop8073 teary eyes4414 traditional art120355 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126236 twispike1698 underwear62508 waking up832 yawn1432


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Artist -

Oh for blood sake. If I say the quality of the picture is bad for me, then it is.

If you can see it perfectly, that’s fine and I envy you for it.

So please stop saying I have bad eye sight, because I don’t. The quality of the picture is just too pixelated for me.

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SoulsBorne Veteran

Spike must be really horny if he cannot handle himself that much in front of Twilight in a shirt.