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So, I just uptaded my mane six ships! Wanted to try some new ships and I really like them!
The new NG designs will be coming soon!
You can kind of see I did some changes on the M6 designs, I wanted to draw my own take on their looks!
I'll actually do a little, very rushed, description on how these ponies got toghter! Here we go~

Twilight X Sunburst:
These two are HUGE nerds, this fact just made them easily be friends. Twilight would constantly write to him, Sunburst, of course, would write her back. The alicorn also made sure to visit him everytime she went to the Crystal Empire. After some years of awkwardly trying to ask eachother out, Twilight finally decided to ask the stallion out on a date. Well, and y'all probably know the rest~

Rarity X Trixie:
Trixie dicided to move to Ponyville so she could be closer to Starlight. The mare would still perform on Ponyville or in cities near by. Once, the unicorn got her cape all burn because of some fireworks, she needed to get it fixed, so, Trixie asked Rarity. After a day or so, her cape was ready, and it actually looked way better than her older one, that made Trixie always ask Rarity to fix her cape, and in some cases, make a new one. That made the mares bond a lot, and soon develop a crush on eachother.

Applejack X Sunset Shimmer:
After graduating, Sunset Shimmer decided to go back to Equestria. The mare was welcomed back by everypony she knew, but she also got to meet the Equestrian mane six. Sunset already had a huge crush on the human Applejack, and after meeting the pony, it wasn't any different. The unicorn tried her best to get Applejack's interest, and when the earth pony found that out, she thought it was the cutest thing ever and actually started dating Sunset.

Pinkie Pie X Donut Joe:
After the first cake contest, the Cakes would always participate, and Pinkie was always the pony responsible for taking the cakes to Canterlot. In the way, she would always make new friends, but Pinkie always saw Joe. The two actually got a really nice friendship, and Pinkie would always see him when she had to deliver a cake to Canterlot. One big party, Pinkie finally saw Cheese Sandwich again, and they spend the night toghter. After finding she was pregnant she couldn't find Cheese. After telling Joe, the stallion, with feelings for the mare, decided to date her and take care of the baby, claiming as his. After he moved with her, the Cakes had just retired and the two took care of the Sugar Cube Corner.

Rainbow Dash X Dumbbell:
Dumbbell always teased Dash with a bit of crushing, he always thought the mare was really impressive. He wanted to confess to Dash, but he knew she would never forgive him. He started buying some tickets to the Wonderbolts whenever he could. Once, he came across Fluttershy, who was quite curious to know why he was there. After explaining everything to the mare, Fluttershy decided to help Dumbbell. Since she was close friends with Dash, she had a free pass to the backstage. She took Dumbbell with her, and he got his chance to apologize to Dash and also ask her out. The two went to a lot of dates before the stallion actually asked Dash out.

Fluttershy X Tree Hugger:
The mares were always close friends, but it took some time until they developed crushes on eachother. Fluttershy, of course, was too shy to ask Tree Hugger out. But lucky for Fluttershy, the mare wasn't shy at all, and Tree Hugger easily asked the pegasus out. Soon after the mares started dating and living toghter.

Wow, that took some time…
If you readed until here, thank you! And I'm sorry for any grammar erros, I tried my best to avoid them!

Art by flinksea (me)
Character by Hasbro
safe1587412 artist:flinksea2 applejack159971 donut joe759 dumbbell595 fluttershy199845 pinkie pie204493 rainbow dash221029 rarity171184 sunburst5950 sunset shimmer57570 tree hugger2616 trixie62907 twilight sparkle283957 alicorn199782 classical unicorn3745 earth pony206140 pegasus247671 pony857529 unicorn274265 :p7381 appleshimmer200 beanbrows473 boop6857 bow24924 chest fluff33049 cloven hooves8886 colored wings5025 colored wingtips1505 cowboy hat13554 dumbdash135 eyebrows2464 female1227867 flutterhugger154 glasses55280 hat77314 leonine tail7202 lesbian90465 male331047 mare427392 neck nuzzle190 noseboop2578 pinkiejoe48 rarixie238 shipping184667 silly7002 stallion94482 story included8106 straight122423 tail bow4796 tongue out91940 twiburst124 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116286 unshorn fetlocks21832


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