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Artist's Description:
Name: Starswirl or Star for short

Personality: Stoic, wise, cold, calm.

Age: 20, July 19th

Parents: Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry

General Info:
He's Twilight and Flash's oldest son so far. He tends to keep to himself and was never like ponies his age.
He was named after the great Star Swirl The Bearded, the great unicorn that Twilight has always looked up to. And he shares a lot with stallion he was named after, from his passion for magic to his inability to make close friends. His cutie mark also mimics Star Swirl's. He tends to spend much of his time on his own, doing who knows what most of the time. But he keeps himself occupied, and that's all that matters.

He's got a decent relationship with his parents. He gets along with his mother the best, they spend a lot of time just reading together. As for his father, he feels like he's matured out of that relationship but he regards him fondly. They get along just fine, but they spend little to no time together. He loves his little sister, but he can tell that she has a hard time feeling the same toward him. But he doesn't let that bother him too much.

He's been very close with Orchard they've been friends since they were small. They have a hard time meeting up because Starswirl likes to stay in Canterlot, so besides Orchard, his mom is the best friend he's got really. Aside Solar glory who seems particularly fond of him. He doesn't mind his company, as long as he keeps out of his way.

He's never been in any relationships, nor does he have any interest in ever being in one. He's always tried to console his little sister through her breakups, and he's always tried to be a big support for her, but after she broke up with her last coltfriend Solar Glory, she's been colder towards him. He's not entirely sure why though.

Starswirl and art belongs to me! Feel free to draw him, but please always credit me and never steal!


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