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Cute and petite… Fluttershy!

dead source42920 safe2119665 artist:hioshiru1060 fluttershy252162 pegasus472467 pony1548560 g41933959 alternate design5273 blushing261911 chest fluff61897 colored hooves10907 colored wings12957 colored wingtips2444 cute257459 ear fluff47565 female1745923 flying52825 gradient hooves1163 leg fluff4575 looking at you246597 mare707809 multicolored hair10850 multicolored mane3993 multicolored tail2749 multicolored wings5064 profile7635 redesign4157 shyabetes18645 simple background569841 slim3632 solo1383100 spread wings88613 tail feathers1273 unshorn fetlocks43282 white background152078 wings208750


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Lyra best friend
Хоспаде, какая прелесть, Хио  
Люблю твои быстроскетчики :)
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Lady of Ships and Birbs
She kind of reminds me of a deer a little bit here.
Tail feathers for pegasi and alicorns is actually pretty common in fanart and offical concept art too. I think EarthSong might have helped that trend get popular. Basically the tail feathers help balancing and steering in flight.