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From Devianart:
Thats something that never looks good in the bed, lol
This didn’t happen, but I thought it’d be funny. This is from the first part of episode 2.
The joke was from this movie.
lol, or it could have been more like this.

suggestive179138 artist:flicker-show339 spike88805 twilight sparkle340326 alicorn286771 dragon75931 pony1392665 semi-anthro20048 school daze3103 absurd resolution72536 anatomically incorrect5030 bed52307 bedsheets1550 blushing248117 comic127762 context in description119 dialogue84013 disgusting130 embarrassed14059 eye contact7460 female1660081 frown30703 glare8796 gritted teeth17444 groan72 implied masturbation1034 incorrect leg anatomy2018 innuendo1597 lidded eyes41630 looking at each other29401 looking back77597 lying down36599 male482152 mare651654 messy mane9536 nervous7659 open mouth208827 pillow23322 pointing5206 prone32156 raised hoof62872 sad29429 scene interpretation10242 simple background533504 speech bubble34165 sweat35491 sweating profusely546 text80196 tissue666 tissue box291 traditional art135337 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141776 white background140180 wide eyes19155
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I, Da Witchfinder

I’m not gonna lie. I thought when he said Happy Tears he meant tears of joy. Didn’t even cross my mind what it could actually be until I read the comments.