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The price of losing is becoming the prize itself. Prop up as a trophy for everyone to see, the young unicorn captain hangs helplessly as the roving diamond dog warbands sets off to the next town in search for their next booty to claim.

PS: Another ancient drawing that I've the time and motivation to finish. I've drawn this one when I've a lot of time playing DoW:2 Retribution and Rome:total war and the appeal of a large group of chaos/ork inspired diamond dog warband pillaging equestria is too much for me not to sketch out.
PPS: I did kind of plan to use a canon character like twilight or someone as the prize but then decided to draw a cute mare instead.
semi-grimdark29895 artist:lemon247 oc683269 oc only447925 diamond dog3436 orc80 ork82 pony965470 unicorn322301 anarchy144 armor23734 axe1657 bardiche8 battle axe193 bondage33660 burning610 castle2025 chainmail213 chaos1181 chaos (warhammer fantasy)12 chaos star51 choppa1 crucifixion111 damsel in distress322 diamond dog oc278 execution425 female1361025 fire11403 fur474 gem5997 greenskins1 halberd202 hammer1726 helmet10794 horde30 horned helmet304 horns5927 jaw10 mare479479 night26286 rope11438 shield2164 skull3027 smoke2564 soldier1817 spear2430 spikes722 tattoo5547 tower411 trophy waifu11 war1239 war axe19 warhammer (game)2097 warhammer fantasy70 weapon30457 wide hips17154


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Only the faithful.
The fact that Volkmar the grim managed to survive this exact situation only to suffer a worse fate during the end times is still painful.
Shiba Gal

my snoodle hurts
well yea <w> pretty much everything fantasy has taken inspiration from tolkien. what i was saying was that warcraft has more in common with tolkien's books then the warhammer universe. not ot mention warhammer has existed decades before the first warcraft game with several, SEVERAL books written about it, expanding it's own universe. warhammer has lasted alot longer and is more detailed then warcraft
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Young Leosword
Everyone stole from Tolkien. I’ve found very few examples of human-sized archer elves not in the toymaker, shoemaker, or cookie baker businesses from before the first war. X3
Shiba Gal

my snoodle hurts
idk… i mean, the looks of the diamond dogs kinda look like greenskins, but then you have all that chaos symbolism and weapons and such. malso, not to mention the red diamond dog symble that looks like the greenskin "logo"
Shiba Gal

my snoodle hurts
this confuses me. you would think by the way they are dressed and act, that these diamond dogs would be the Greenskins. but THEN you see some symbles of chaos in the background, which doesnt make sense because greenskins arnt affiliated with chaos. these diamond dogs are CLEARLY supposed to be greenskins but the image also shows that they belong to or at the very least are tied to chaos, which, again, doesnt make sense.

i dont know…. this hurts my brain XD why is there chaos symbolism in a warband?? idfk XD