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Maud pinup I did for an artbook a while back.
suggestive145286 artist:kevinsano3266 boulder (pet)1298 maud pie12594 human156506 barefoot27943 bedroom eyes60190 big breasts83578 blanket5409 breasts282677 busty maud pie1034 eyeshadow16033 feet40593 female1379396 gem6085 humanized100796 kissing24970 looking at you171741 makeup22041 nudity375254 on side6756 seductive2287 sexy30006 soles4347 solo1076664 solo female181279 stupid sexy maud pie101


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@Flummoxed Phoenix
Rock candy doesn't even require that much stuff.

Dissolve a bunch of sugar in hot as Hell water, drape a string or stick in the fluid, the sugar crystals recombine on said stick or string as the water cools.

Maybe you aren't as bright as you think.