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Just a half-assed edit of >>917191 to remove Anon for the sole purpose of spiting someone else who made an even lazier edit of it for the same end. I probably could have done a better job with the gradient, but that would involve actually learning how to do gradients properly or downloading Adequality’s big zip full of psd files and I can’t be bothered to do either for just one edit.
Anyway, the original art was done by Mcsadat aka Neko or Nekocolonthree, the color job was done by Adequality’s and the hack job performed to remove Anon was done by me.
safe1945042 artist:adequality109 artist:mcsadat575 edit154380 editor:anonymous58 rainbow dash257100 pegasus394581 pony1294632 rainbow dash presents294 bronybait3198 cute231779 daaaaaaaaaaaw5679 dashabetes10803 demands37 dialogue78571 feathered wings1545 featured image1046 female1578351 floppy ears63442 frown28001 gradient background16771 hug33025 hug request492 mare603485 needy11 open mouth192946 solo1245230 spread wings73107 sweet dreams fuel1859 this will end in hugs53 volumetric mouth1140 weapons-grade cute4231 wide eyes18653 wings168871


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well you can get the edit by following the links and downloading my massive ass file <_<  
(I checked and I actually did make a version of the image without anon at the time)
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Really likes Pear Butter
@Yet One More Idiot  
The description on that “source” you linked is linking back to this post as the source though.
Because of that, added the derpibooru exclusive tag.
Edit: Also that post appears to have been made on the 6th April 2018 whilst this one was uploaded 5th April 2018.