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I LOVE season 8!
safe1574176 screencap198978 applejack158743 auburn vision211 berry blend366 berry bliss366 citrine spark326 clever musings130 fire quacker326 fluttershy197634 gallus5803 huckleberry306 november rain501 ocellus4479 peppermint goldylinks362 pinkie pie203107 rainbow dash219227 rarity169597 sandbar4623 silverstream5262 slate sentiments78 smolder6584 spike74808 starlight glimmer43812 strawberry scoop194 sugar maple114 summer breeze188 summer meadow140 twilight sparkle282513 yona4438 alicorn195024 changedling7251 changeling40043 classical hippogriff4447 dragon48103 earth pony198554 griffon24861 hippogriff8291 pegasus239237 pony844811 unicorn265738 yak3827 school daze2575 background pony9153 bow24193 dragoness6658 female898147 friendship student1390 hair bow13256 hair bun2855 male305122 mane seven5895 mane six29432 photo70641 school of friendship1089 stallion92561 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115108


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