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I wanted to try out my "3D" style because I felt like it ??
I got the idea for this from "Pinked — PMV" in YouTube

It was supposed to be just a doodle, but I did it look like more than doodle
I'm pretty proud of this drawing UvU

Pinkamena ©Hasbro&Lauren Faust (I guess??)
Art by me
safe (1525034) artist:pprinceran (42) artist:prince-ran (17) pinkie pie (198657) pony (800042) abstract background (10911) alternate hairstyle (23025) alternative cutie mark placement (1206) big ears (669) bust (37032) clothes (388702) crazy face (807) ear piercing (19791) earring (16580) faic (11029) female (849923) hoodie (11386) jewelry (46266) looking at you (135386) mare (389037) open mouth (116376) piercing (32399) pinkamena diane pie (17901) punk (1867) punkamena (166) punkie pie (126) solo (938738) tongue out (85261) tongue piercing (828)


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