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the concept of this next gen universe is to take notable merchandise-exclusive ponies with interesting color schemes & designs and try to fit them all in as children of various pairings who might make sense as their parents

name: Princess Star Swirl
parents: Princess Luna & Trixie Lulamoon
sibling: Princess Sterling
cousin: Princess Gold Lily
second cousins: Princess Flurry Heart & Prince Skyla
special talent: astronomy
personality traits: responsible, disciplined, composed, yielding, low self-esteem

The firstborn child of Trixie Lulamoon and Princess Luna, and named after Luna's late mentor Starswirl, Star Swirl's parents were pleasantly surprised to have an earth pony for a daughter. Growing up, Star Swirl was very much affected by the pressure put upon her by being born into royalty, and as such was shaped by this pressure into a somewhat passive and not exactly confident young pony, despite the pride present in both of her parents. Star Swirl is more than willing to step up when needed to help fulfill royal duties or fill in when a member of royalty is required for something, though her tendency to yield to the desires of others can make things a bit complicated. Still, in spite of her willingness to fulfill her own responsibilities as daughter of the princess, Star Swirl's true interests have always lay in observing and mapping out the stars, inspired both by her mother's status as Princess of the Night and her own name.
safe1574054 artist:flipwix84 star swirl112 oc604128 oc only409354 oc:star swirl12 earth pony198474 pony844694 digital art11793 female898048 magical lesbian spawn10700 mare414931 next generation6098 offspring34327 parent:princess luna1947 parent:trixie1699 parents:luxie17 raised hoof39254 simple background345171 solo972102 transparent background179404


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