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Commission for Captain-Latrios of his character Queen Deciduous as a Mothling, based on this design drawn by DuskyAmore

If you’re interested in a commission too, check out the commission info here:
safe1615659 artist:carnifex2304 oc627067 oc only418299 oc:deciduous33 changeling42968 changeling queen13869 moth489 mothling118 original species22633 antennae397 autumn leaves104 butterfly wings445 changeling queen oc1721 female1286132 one eye closed27095 raised hoof40732 simple background361185 smiling224518 solo1003689 species swap18016 white background90315 wink22682 yellow changeling785


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Lady of Ships and Birbs
There's Mothponies and then there' Changelings, then there's this beauty.

Funny enough, I was debating to give one of my Changeling OCs some moth traits but I decided to scrap this idea. But now that I look at this, I'm kinda tempted to do this.