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Uploaded by Background Pony #C4BA
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suggestive148568 artist:ponut_joe409 octavia melody24242 human159206 equestria girls series35069 x marks the spot233 adorasexy10143 arm behind head6833 armpits43431 attached skirt155 belly button81540 bow swimsuit73 breasts289391 clothes477056 cute206108 dark skin4800 darktavia6 female1404956 frilled swimsuit269 human coloration5403 humanized102040 midriff19879 moderate dark skin773 purple swimsuit265 reasonably sized breasts915 sexy30754 skirt41179 solo1096664 solo female183945 swimsuit29824 tavibetes682 tricolor swimsuit118 underboob4073


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Background Pony #7E20
I had no idea I wanted a ponut joe bikini Octavia pic so badly, yet here we are.
Eric Draven
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Cant rain all the time
That look on her face, it’s like she noticed you staring and is pretending to be disgusted, but secretly wishes you’d just make a move already.
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Artist -

Would be nice with a less suggestive version without the underboob. Still very nicely drawn. It’s just that I like the bikini for how cute it looks, and not for it being sexy.