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safe1687807 screencap219871 applejack168308 cloudy kicks414 fluttershy210711 golden hazel600 indigo wreath507 juniper montage1314 microchips1357 paisley743 pinkie pie214419 rainbow dash231860 rarity180071 sci-twi23922 snips4190 starlight glimmer48104 sunset shimmer62212 twilight sparkle298126 pony949548 unicorn315373 equestria girls197750 mirror magic2502 spoiler:eqg specials5239 discovery family logo11656 geode of empathy3038 geode of shielding2171 geode of super speed2406 geode of super strength2117 geode of telekinesis2896 humane five3291 humane seven2456 humane six3126 juniper monstar139 magical geodes8703


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Background Pony #A308
We need a 1080p version of mirror magic without the Discovery family logo and without the yellow color error