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Uploaded by Background Pony #1E29
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En español:

A solas en el bosque Everfree by Mytri-Atari

In english:

Sunjack alone in the forest Everfree by Mytri-Atari
safe (1413255)artist:mytri-atari (34)applejack (146190)sunset shimmer (49940)equestria girls (157412)legend of everfree (6994)appleshimmer (193)blushing (151731)boots (15797)bracelet (6560)camp everfree (216)camp everfree outfits (1366)equestria guys (808)everfree forest (1768)female (746658)forest (7407)half r63 shipping (1415)hat (63449)jewelry (37918)male (253144)night (19125)rule 63 (22449)shipping (162096)shoes (23500)straight (108085)sunjack (9)sunset glare (243)

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6 comments posted
Background Pony #BDB8
It did not even cross my mind that Sunset Glare gave Tarzan freckled to Applejack that cute
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Background Pony #BDB8
It could be the beginning of the shipping of Sunset Glare with Applejack and everything by mytri-atari hopefully continue like this
Posted Report
Background Pony #1E29
Sunset Glare and Applejack alone in the Everfree forest will pass something between them 2
Posted Report
Background Pony #BDB8
Applejack estaría enamorada de Sunset Glare si el estuviera en el mundo de Equestria Girls, porque sería lindo está relación muy chulo lo que hizo mytri-atari
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