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Student reality
Recently, mr.Yakovlev-Vad had posted this picture at 3 or 4 am and thereby predicted my morning. >_<
I thought about predicting his evening, but he is not a student yet, so I decided to predict my future - playing in Kerbal Space Programm XD. In addition, Twilight is in love with rocketry, isn’t it? )
P.S: Grr, the KSP downloaded at speed 100Kb\s >_<. It’s time to change the provider.
P.S.S: If she would playing in the Stellaris on a picture, the picture would show my night before Vad’s prediction)
P.S.S.S: Thanks to all, who said me about legitimacy of the hoof magic.
P. and a lot of S: Вадим, прекрати кормить Селестию, она скоро перестанет влезать на картинки)
safe1765889 artist:discordthege308 twilight sparkle307892 alicorn235430 pony1025813 bed42786 bedroom11090 chalkboard2965 clothes481096 computer6392 female1415196 fighter256 hologram338 horn80042 jet395 jet fighter240 kerbal space program71 laptop computer2403 magic76151 mare509134 mig-316 pillow18859 smiling265515 socks69205 solo1105551 thigh highs38685 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126920 video game5139 wallpaper18943 wings125997


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Background Pony #D038
I spotted this picture, clicked on it then laughed my butt off when I noticed what she was playing on the laptop. I spent way to much time playing KSP. There is no doubt that Twilight would to given the chance.
And rocket science is sexy.
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I think she may be shaking her tail. If she’s excited and not just chilling, then the pose makes a little more sense. Dunno what could be all that exciting about the KSP build screen though.
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absolutely fantastic image, all except for her pose
having one’s ass up above their head does not seem like a comfortable position for doing stuff on the computer.