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Before anyone says anything

Because I'm trash.

By the time I realized it, I decided I didn't feel like going back in and fixing it. …I'm a little headache-y today.

I've made a decision concerning the 100 theme challenge I've been working on for… four… years.
Basically; I'm genuinely SICK of it.

SO! I've decided to fold it into something I've been wanting to do for a while (but putting off because of the 100 themes looming over my head as an excuse to procrastinate):
Daily Drawings.
Basically, as both something to warm up with and keep my productivity up, I want to be able to do one 30-60 minute drawing a day (or a page of even quicker doodles). These will eventually be anything from fan art, extra character doodles for the comics, idle concept sketching, and the like. For now, though, it'll be a way to get through the last 15 themes.
If I like something I sketch for a theme, I'll probably still take it further to a more polished piece like I've been doing, but the majority of these are going to be something along the lines of Fluttershy up here.


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