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Sweetie's Weekends
Quite the "shirt", right?
Kids nowadays, what can i say, if you stare long enough you get to see stuff like this when you go out to the store, or the beach or whatever.
Kids these days.
Anyways, Hope you like it! πŸ˜€
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suggestive (121937) artist:dragk (952) sweetie belle (45659) anthro (218460) arm band (130) belly button (63915) breasts (226517) cellphone (2620) clothes (389335) cutie mark (37838) daisy dukes (1241) delicious flat chest (4230) female (846110) flatie belle (77) knee pads (253) open fly (222) phone (4763) shoes (27430) shorts (11277) skimpy (137) skimpy outfit (338) smartphone (1415) sneakers (4487) solo (938367) sports bra (2367) tattoo (4201)


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20 comments posted
Background Pony #2E49
actually even my diagram is off, you can see the shirt has a slight upward curve, yet the text faces us normally, so the text would be slanted if it was head on.
Background Pony #2E49
if she was facing towards us, the text on the top would be extremely off center.