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safe1975184 screencap264077 applejack188045 fluttershy238591 pinkie pie238896 rainbow dash259784 rarity203426 sci-twi28902 sunset shimmer72784 twilight sparkle333379 eqg summertime shorts3479 equestria girls234348 get the show on the road202 boots28447 clothes560759 cowboy boots2149 cowboy hat22011 denim skirt2035 female1606701 geode of empathy3639 geode of shielding2749 geode of sugar bombs2515 geode of telekinesis3474 glasses77625 hand on hip10957 hat109223 humane five4903 humane seven3119 humane six4641 magical geodes11141 mane six35364 mary janes1202 pants19067 ponytail22724 shoes49756 skirt48145 socks82079 stetson5526


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Background Pony #4471
This show literally is like waifu heaven. <3 I didn’t think I’d find the perfect show in My Little Pony. XD

I still think it looks bad and lazy, though.
Instead of giving her an alternative version of princess Twilight’s outfit, it would have been better to give her something completely different. Something with pants for example.
Background Pony #5CEE
but you know what this means? well two things:
  1. we finally get to see Sci-Twi’s new outfit!  
  2. Sunset Shimmer still continuing to wearing her outfit that she has worn Post-Rainbow Rocks, not counting Legend of Everfree.
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🔥Sunset is best girl🔥
second question: why does it look like sci-twi has a boob hole? i mean it probably isn’t but it looks like it.