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Background Pony #0A3E
But the Equestria girls summertime short Get The Show On The Road Aired on Discovery Family
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Eternal Flame
@Phantom Rider
They're happening instead of the movie. They decided to avoid having an EqG movie this year, since whoever's in charge of Hasbro's marketing were worried it'd cause confusion when they were already releasing the big MLP movie this year.
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Young Leosword
Twilight used to go to Crystal Prep. I'm assuming you've not actually seen the previous two movies, otherwise I'd not have received a legendarily meaningless question…
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Young Leosword
I don't know what the quotations are supposed to represent. Unless you were under the influence of a seizure while posting that comment. :\
Background Pony #3C34
@Background Pony #55EE


If you look at the production timestamps at the top of the videos you'll see the first music video starts 1 minute in and the 2nd starts 20 seconds or so into it. From that I assume these will be their own separate 2.5 minute shorts.