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safe1723451 artist:tjpones3174 princess cadance32723 alicorn227820 pony983844 bust50963 crown17411 dialogue66319 female1378125 food71263 grayscale38477 jewelry65327 lactose intolerant11 majestic as fuck1293 mare489288 meat1906 monochrome150731 mouth hold17715 peetzer121 pepperoni433 pepperoni pizza418 pizza1964 regalia20484 simple background399745 sketch63503 solo1075693 that pony sure does love pizza119 this will end in diarrhea16 this will end in farts11 this will end in tears3384 white background99819 woonoggles635


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Meddlesome Peon
I have a milk allergy and will break out in hives if I drink too much. The hives cause a burning itch that is painful enough to be immobilizing at times.
Yet I keep buying gallons of the stuff for some reason
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average nmm enjoyer
"I am very sick, and Dr. Medicine has prescribed me more peetzer."

"…There is nobody called Dr. Medicine in the Crystal Empire, or anywhere in Equestria."

"There is now!"