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safe1749505 artist:lucy-tan129 pinkie pie220082 trixie68705 twilight sparkle306015 alicorn232726 earth pony265587 pony1009650 unicorn341922 booth215 burger1946 cape10720 clothes475608 coffee3998 commission72961 cookie3783 drink5045 eating9942 eyes closed97950 female1401038 food72909 happy32166 hat90248 laughing8289 mare501756 muffin6532 open mouth154092 restaurant703 salt171 salt shaker62 sitting65538 smiling260597 trixie's cape3929 trixie's hat4752 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126160 when you see it633


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he ate Good Eric
"And then Trixie said, 'Why does Trixie always talk in third-pony? You're the THIRD PONY to ask Trixie that today!'"