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Tia: You were joking, right?…… Right?

#whaaaat is this an update???
#man this took wayy longer than it should i'm so rusty after so long
#will there be more? who knows
safe1728024 artist:anticular580 princess celestia95878 princess luna99955 alicorn228675 pony988247 ask sunshine and moonbeams258 bags under eyes2039 bed41627 blanket5417 bust51236 cellphone3716 clothes467572 comic110324 dialogue66587 duo62931 female1382271 glowing horn20082 gradient background12986 hoodie14474 laughing8155 magic74325 mare491489 open mouth150048 oversleeping3 pajamas3335 phone6450 pillow18270 raised hoof47527 royal sisters4535 sleeping23709 smartphone2095 sweat27000 telekinesis28224 waking up823


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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
I mean, did you see those foals who couldn't go on that field trip??

I think one of them wanted to off himself