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I had actually sketched this one a couple weeks before Forgotten Friendship came out and all I had to work with was the EqG Mini of her. Then I watched the special and I thought “shit”, I went back over and changed it to fit the special more but kept the bikini design.
suggestive143214 artist:ponut_joe406 trixie67563 human154859 equestria girls200790 equestria girls series33080 forgotten friendship5377 abstract background14727 adorasexy9799 bedroom eyes59479 belly button78067 bellyring1426 bikini18161 bikini bottom1034 blue swimsuit349 bow swimsuit73 breasts278190 busty trixie4077 clothes460434 cute200158 diatrixes3119 eyebrow piercing876 eyeshadow15652 female1365237 happy31278 high res29702 humanized100151 jewelry63905 lidded eyes30779 looking at you169025 makeup21525 mouth hold17519 piercing41257 sarong1032 see-through5146 see-through skirt126 sexy29502 side-tie bikini417 skirt39838 smiling249145 solo1065752 solo female179969 star printed swimsuit13 string bikini726 stupid sexy trixie323 swimsuit28316 tattoo5565 teasing3763 underboob3926 vulgar description130 wrap skirt30


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