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I had actually sketched this one a couple weeks before Forgotten Friendship came out and all I had to work with was the EqG Mini of her. Then I watched the special and I thought “shit”, I went back over and changed it to fit the special more but kept the bikini design.

suggestive190499 artist:ponut_joe411 trixie79493 human244880 equestria girls255566 equestria girls series40524 forgotten friendship6503 g42026619 abstract background24017 adorasexy12729 bedroom eyes82046 belly button110377 belly piercing2092 bellyring1630 bikini25582 bikini bottom2072 blue swimsuit503 bow swimsuit74 breasts390291 busty trixie5373 clothes633310 cute265422 diatrixes3847 eyebrow piercing1557 eyeshadow29957 female1799916 happy44444 high res407665 human coloration6877 humanized119383 jewelry112726 lidded eyes47878 looking at you258728 makeup40217 mouth hold23717 piercing63829 sarong1544 see-through7474 see-through skirt177 sexy45916 side-tie bikini717 skirt55449 smiling396587 solo1424038 solo female234172 star printed swimsuit15 string bikini1074 stupid sexy trixie591 swimsuit39062 tan skin564 tattoo8197 teasing5093 underboob5106 vulgar description281


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Probably one of the bigger differences between show outfit and fanart outfit in this series.
No one’s complaining though. Goddamn.
Edit: Oops, saw the explanation. Guess I was right.