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I had actually sketched this one a couple weeks before Forgotten Friendship came out and all I had to work with was the EqG Mini of her. Then I watched the special and I thought “shit”, I went back over and changed it to fit the special more but kept the bikini design.
suggestive141228 artist:ponut_joe406 trixie66990 human153304 equestria girls198448 equestria girls series32585 forgotten friendship5295 abstract background14367 adorasexy9622 bedroom eyes58779 belly button76807 bellyring1410 bikini17866 bikini bottom1000 blue swimsuit344 bow swimsuit73 breasts274459 busty trixie4034 clothes454510 cute197758 diatrixes3090 eyebrow piercing855 eyeshadow15335 female1350240 happy30848 high res27257 humanized99414 jewelry62304 lidded eyes30187 looking at you166085 makeup21055 mouth hold17283 piercing40484 sarong1020 see-through5164 see-through skirt121 sexy28981 side-tie bikini413 skirt39303 smiling244251 solo1054739 solo female178295 star printed swimsuit13 string bikini719 stupid sexy trixie321 swimsuit27860 tattoo5486 teasing3708 underboob3866 vulgar description129 wrap skirt30


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