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safe1972202 artist:tjpones3687 sci-twi28864 sunset shimmer72660 twilight sparkle333010 pony1324192 unicorn446752 equestria girls233941 adorable distress720 adorkable4054 backwards cutie mark4192 butt179219 covering4615 cute236390 dialogue80246 dork4372 duo117804 ear fluff41681 embarrassed13608 embarrassed nude exposure2586 equestria girls ponified4767 female1603934 glasses77447 mare618743 plot115313 ponified46363 ponytail22658 shimmerbetes4881 tail between legs152 tail covering338 twiabetes13857 unicorn sci-twi924 we don't normally wear clothes1013


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Background Pony #8B34
If they don’t make this joke in the upcoming special, I’ll be very disappointed

The fandom latched onto “flank” for some reason. Shining Armor at one point properly calls it a “rump”.
It’s all Cheerilee’s fault. Kind of ironic since she’s a teacher.
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There’s also the fact that Princess Twilight came into the CHS world wearing one outfit, left wearing the Fall Formal dress, and came back again in the second movie wearing the first outfit. On top of that, Sci-Twi has both the Fall Formal dress and the pajamas that Princess Twilight wore to the sleepover.
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Sciencepone of Science!
@Goddess Erosia  
They did an episode of Fairly Odd Parents where Timmy was naked in town and had to sneak back or something.
Thing is, though, Twilight’s more of an adult, and she’s a “she”, so doing the same sorta thing with her would’ve been a lot worse, yeah.
It would’ve been really nice to have at least a little Celestia or somepony going, “Starswirl wrote in his journals it is a world without its own magic - and, you’ll probably want to wear something when you go. Not doing so is considered very taboo there.” Just 30 seconds or so with something like that would’ve been great.
Goddess Erosia

bow before me owo
@Background Pony #8A1D  
I’m fairly sure that the only reason Twilight didn’t come into the other world NEKED is purely it’s PG rating and they can’t go that far with the animation. They could have done a typical “oh no I’m NEKED now I have to cover myself before people find out”, but it still might have been a little risky. She wouldn’t have realized anything was wrong since Equestria is semi-nudist, so at best we’d have people reacting to her in shock while the actual view we see is convenient censorship from a bunch of leaves and objects blocking her OOF and UNF. I suppose it could have been amusing, but still - I really think they just feared the kind of backlash they’d receive.
Background Pony #0152
@Background Pony #B94A
@3D User
Just like how, when going from Equestria to the EQG world, you suddenly gain clothes, for some reason.  
I wonder, what would happen if you took off your clothes in the EQG world, and then went through the portal? Would you be shaved? And what if you put on clothes in Equestria and when through the portal? Would you have humanoid versions of your pony clothes, or would you have clothes on top of clothes?  
This simply raises too many questions.