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Day 58 — Shooting Star

I dunno about you, but I love the Neutron Star effect. Yeah, it's kinda small, but that's not particularly a bad thing when you're playing sniper. Especially if the effect also fits into the rest of the set. Not that it even matters, I'm pretty awful at sniper. Makes me wonder why I went out of my way to grab the unusual…

Sometimes I'll use the Classic for "crits and giggles…" and I end up doing well (or at least better than if I used any other rifle) with it.
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If someone says they have nothing to say anymore but keep repeating themselves all the time…
At least Fluttershy and the Sniper really don't talk much except when asked.

Eh, I discussed with you already a bit about this, Fluttershy doesn't have much in common with any class and on the other hand you can't find any pony to match with the soldier. Probably you're right, if you had to put Fluttershy into that bunch of mercenaries, then the sniper would be the least inconvenient one. Quiet, leading a rather secluded life, caring about the parents, seemingly the least cruel one.

Surely is hard to hit someone while flying and holding such a long and heavy gun, though.
Background Pony #4F36
shooting star, understood the reference? shooting star. i do not need to say anything anymore
Background Pony #4F36
oh,dont worry failed follower, I could waste my time with you but your scout cosplay is very bad, would give me dismay. but but if you really want to know, there is a very interesting episode of equestria girls that reminds a lot of fluttershy with medic, being a smart girl and also talk with the birds to know their opinions, not to mention the healing episode of zecora. hahaha I do not care, it was applejack in the spa episode, pinkie with the mind of pyroland and now fluttershy healing, I do not need to say anything anymore. hhahahahaha
Background Pony #4F36
I do not even discuss this crap since the health of information has proved that Fluttershy is a healer, no matter if she does not have medical leave because cure is cure,medic or healer.