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Pinkie Pie — Cheese Sandwich — Rockin' Beet — Toffee — Giggles

Pinkie's kiddies aren't the nicest ponies around.

Rockin' Beet is a stallion and he's the oldest. He's a more crazy, assertive, black humorous and partyholic version of Pinkie Pie. He's a very popular musician in Manehattan. Shares an apartment with Dash's son Rapidfire. I think we all know by who Beet's design was inspired

Toffee is the second kid, he's like 16 or something, but he looks like an adult hairy bodybuilder. He doesn't get enough sleep and addicted to coffee, and because of that he's very aggressive and grumpy. Has a really short temper, if you'll make him really angry, be sure that there's a hospital nearby. What a douche. Love him.

Giggles is the only daughter. She is spoiled and sarcastic. She's a Diamond Tiara of this generation.
safe1598895 artist:whalepornoz168 cheese sandwich3697 pinkie pie205807 oc615818 oc:giggles7 oc:rockin' beet2 oc:toffee19 alternate hairstyle25205 bandana4884 cheesepie1215 clothes419168 family4077 female1271770 glasses55802 hawaiian shirt394 line-up979 male338058 offspring34620 parent:cheese sandwich1615 parent:pinkie pie3640 parents:cheesepie1395 piercing36074 shipping186094 shirt21998 simple background353892 straight126125 transparent background183406


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