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These are the facial expressions for the pointy ponies for my upcoming FF knockoff turn based rpg, I found it to be very cute so I decided it was a g00d idea to share.
If you want to see what I have so far check the forum posts on the mlpforums or equestria daily’s forum
Please let me know what you think, I could use some early feed back.
safe1859261 artist:dsiak90 applejack180753 rainbow dash249170 alicorn253088 pegasus355217 pony1203412 alicornified6129 angry30152 animated106324 applecorn286 blushing221453 crying47464 derp7304 expressions1069 eyes closed108859 eyes open639 faic13098 female1499121 frown25921 happy35093 laughing8936 mare555882 nervous6463 no sound4916 open mouth175535 pointy ponies3604 race swap16163 raised eyebrow7215 shocked8024 smiling296337 smirk14493 smug7025 terrified481 tongue out118142 webm16790


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Background Pony #F351
Applejack moves a bit like she is a marionette. This could easily be fixed by adding some anticipation to the animation. Facial expressions look pretty good, though!