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Double Cuddles
Here are the first 7 pages of the comic “Double Cuddles”!! I hope you’ll enjoy it!! As I work on the project I will upload future pages with #Double Cuddles Comic tag. These pages are very demanding and I spend a lot of time working on them but thanks to my Patrons I can create a page every month.
Remember that in my Patreon there’s the version at 1500px and 120dpi while around the web I released the free version at 1200px and 72dpi. Additionally, if you pledge 25$ you’ll be able to get the PSD files of the pages and my other works.
If you enjoy my work and want to support as well as have a possibility to partecipate in polls regarding my future works, become a Patron, it really helps my work!  
My Patreon: http://patreon.com/StePanda
DeviantArt: http://stepandy.deviantart.com/  
Furaffinity: http://furaffinity.net/user/stepanda  
Tumblr: http://stepanda.tumblr.com/  
Picarto: http://picarto.tv/StePanda  
Youtube:: http://youtube.com/channel/UCcuZiPTzTb-fKFummpEf6QA  
Instagram: http://instagram.com/stepanda_blue
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suggestive159502 artist:stepandy388 discord33319 princess celestia100584 alicorn253087 draconequus15004 pony1203404 comic:double cuddles14 blushing221452 comic117542 dialogue73526 dislestia1527 female1499121 kissing27059 male422075 mare555882 patreon13640 shipping218021 smiling296337 speech bubble27627 straight149877


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Rabid Celestia Fangirl
I’m normally not a fan of dislestia - it’s my least favorite ship, actually - but even with that bias, I still actually kind of really like this comic.