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Sketch — Rarara
suggestive140661 artist:scorpdk669 rarity180078 human152673 equestria girls197767 equestria girls series32455 forgotten friendship5283 belly button76346 big breasts80375 bikini17800 bikini babe699 bikini top1706 breasts272855 busty rarity12556 clothes452734 female1346023 geode of shielding2171 humanized99176 looking at you165220 midriff19144 necklace18260 sarong1015 sexy28807 smiling243126 solo1051590 solo female177785 stupid sexy rarity1216 suntan lotion89 swimsuit27762


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Background Pony #DDEF
hm..judging from the direction she's pointing, and the grin she's packing…it's safe to assume she's asking you to apply it to her girls.

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That's is my fetishes.
Is her leg is going through the rock or something?

lol I'm not usually for nit picking details but that just makes me laugh…