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grimdark29870 grotesque12151 artist:dragk1114 oc778094 oc only577019 oc:dragk125 oc:fausticorn1582 black eye1166 blood26958 bruised1753 cut801 doggy style8501 edgy1647 faustabuse13 female1502234 from behind15159 gore4849 injured3592 magic80832 male423143 nosebleed2531 open mouth176314 rape8488 red and black oc1791 sex137458 smiling297456 straight150143 talking7392 vomiting391


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dragk, if you can read this, I must ask, is this your own little way of saying that you’re either better or at least attempting as such, because if it is, i can say with little-to-no effort that you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried, as such a thing is both impossible, and beyond your meager/minute levels of comprehension…
Background Pony #7CC4
And this faggot thinks that this is good? Has no one confronted him on his bullshit?
Cedric Bale
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I’m sorry, I just… I couldn’t help but laugh at this. Is she projectile vomiting blood while making a sex-face? … Because that’s what it looks like to me.  
{font-size:78pt}I’m not actually sorry.

there needs to be more fausticorn porn just cause she helped make the show doesnt make her oc immune to the rules of the internet
Background Pony #9823
And now we wait for the ubiquitous moron to show this in Lauren’s dA account’s comments.
Background Pony #9823
I think you’re alone on that.  
I’d be fine with it if it was, I don’t know, a battle or something.  
But this… The worst part is I don’t think this guy is trolling.