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I have no idea what their bodies are doing either, don't ask. It's sort of a sideways/from behind hug.

I never make Vic happy, so I decided to make him happy for once. Also one of the more realistic pairings I have.
I wanna do a series of hugs of various pairings for practice. It'll be fun to play with interactions beyond porn anyway and hugs are nice.

This is the shipping version, if that wasn't clear. "Alt version as I'm still unsure of the hoof up.":

Vaguely inspired by >>124902
safe1659212 alternate version41556 artist:lightningbolt879 derpibooru exclusive27070 pegasus273525 pony923263 unicorn304184 .svg available8102 blush sticker2372 blushing189818 cap4167 clothes442505 disguised siren612 gay26498 hair over one eye8689 happy29984 hat83229 hoodie13305 horn59443 hug27236 jewelry59001 kellin quinn366 kiss on the cheek1669 kissing23833 looking at each other18950 male357468 necklace17381 nose piercing2585 one eye closed28775 pierce the veil100 piercing38893 ponified39925 shipping194110 shirt23619 simple background377780 sitting60349 sleeping with sirens363 slit eyes4357 smiling235938 spread wings52064 stallion102798 svg3533 t-shirt4184 transparent background195464 vector75079 vic fuentes72 winghug2791 wings97405 wink23682


not provided yet


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Awww~ how sweet <3

makes me wish my male friends were more open to hugs :/