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The highest res I could get of barefoot shy


not provided yet


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Pomegranates :P
I bet you her feet would taste better after a good long swim in the salty sea.

You know, I would have appreciated if they made a short based on Fluttershy's perspective of their whole beach vacation. Unlike the others, she seems to be out of the picture most of the time in most of these shorts doing her own thing underwater. I would love to see her underwater adventure.
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this absolute cutie pie is currently wearing a wetsuit and goggles and the y'all are talking about her feet?

Pony feet

I know we are only seeing the top ….. but my Celestia those feet are beautiful!!! I always expected her to have nice feet but just wow! Now if only the bottom weren't covered with sand.
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My waifu has revealed her beautiful yellow feet! Hallelujah!

(She actually did showed her sole in this mark, but it's not clear enough. Maybe when the HD version of it comes soon, maybe we'll have a better look.)