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Story in Source

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safe (1395697)artist:askbubblelee (1175)oc (510218)oc:fish lips (5)oc only (356718)oc:pandie (235)oc:samba volta (26)oc:vox (4)oc:walter nutt (134)acoustic guitar (109)anthro (194928)anthro oc (24585)blushing (149610)clothes (344609)cloven hooves (6966)death by coffee (85)dewclaw (61)dog (7186)earth pony (138956)female (726956)holding hands (1830)male (247455)mare (318754)oc x oc (10777)pants (9201)park (742)pegasus (178375)scenery (5990)shipping (159409)shirt (16413)stallion (69214)story in the source (1297)straight (106683)stretching (1761)tree (21507)unguligrade anthro (36210)unicorn (191174)water (9596)


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1 comment posted
RazzleDazzle's avatar
The scenery is absolutely beautiful! Love the cameo of Fish and Vox in the back, and I’m sure the other two are as well! (I’m not familiar with them, sorry LOL) And Pandie looks so pretty in your style, so small and pretty with those big red eyes!
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