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I usually don’t do parody comics previously already done by other OMQ fans, but I thought I could make a better comic featuring a known canonical EQG character who is known to drive

(If you want to know what I’m talking about, click here >>1624295)

safe1751479 artist:meiyeezhu332 fluttershy217333 ripley67 dog9861 driving miss shimmer198 equestria girls207305 equestria girls series34954 anime5685 babysitting211 car6235 car seat42 clothes476315 collar34568 comic111532 dog collar243 dogsitting2 dress46098 driving791 driving miss shimmer: fluttershy70 frustrated574 greedy57 hairpin2125 high heels11797 old master q499 parody15785 pets128 rear view mirror11 reference3952 road890 shoes38772 sidewalk255 smart car13 smart fortwo15 street766 struggling1039 sweat27675 tail wag1121 toyota133 toyota gt8616 traditional art120340 unamused16767 upset1236 vehicle697 wheel495


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Background Pony #A45B

This is like the time when my family were driving through a country lane in France many years ago when we had another car in front of us on the same road and that car looked like their was a dog driving it as the real drivers head was obscured from the dogs in the back’s heads


Sci-Twi Lover

Ha! I knew you’re doing it right!

I’m pretty sure that’s the Toyota 86 in the first panel, and what car is the second? My guess was meant to be a Peugeot 208 or 108.

And, I know Fluttershy drives a city car based on the Smart Fortwo (as depicted in Driving Miss Shimmer), but in my universe called Sci-Twiliverse, Fluttershy drives a Subaru Outback station wagon, which she owns two of them in Sci-Twiliverse, one is a third generation model (2005 2.5i Limited) used for work (Formerly, her first car) and the other one is a fifth generation model (2015 2.5i Premium) used for most of her daily basis.