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safe1724854 artist:shoutingisfun598 edit134043 pinkie pie217990 twilight sparkle302833 alicorn228065 earth pony255781 pony985169 comic:the little match filly12 anon's couch51 book33895 book sense3 bookhorse569 comic110084 couch8422 cropped49775 dialogue66419 duo62678 esp8 female1379425 mare489909 reaction image9500 solo focus17145 speech bubble23731 that pony sure does love books1158 twilight sense3 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124798


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Background Pony #3126
yeah. it was called harvey. on top of destroying my house it also destroyed my 500+ book collection. (give or take. i honestly lost count.)
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There was an attempt

She said something terrible is happening TO a book, so…

Maybe Stephenie Meyer recommended a book, and that was enough for people to decide it needed to be burned en masse.