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Helpful Owl — For helping others attend the sixth anniversary party

How to get it:

Given to artists who drew someone's OC for the 2018 Community Collab
safe1705002 artist:joey275 derpibooru exclusive28364 owlowiscious1984 bird8246 owl1137 derpibooru7123 derpibooru community collaboration3808 .svg available8304 derpibooru badge138 helpful owl1 male372200 meta16604 perch46 picture for breezies2866 show accurate15497 simple background392917 solo1063150 svg3617 transparent background202128 vector76842


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I'm pretty sure most of the writers that remember him left, and the ones that do just think of dog spike whenever they try to remember Twilight's pet.

Although more importantly, he's a character with practically no demand, and any scenes they could put him in would be better used with either Spike or another character.